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Only the attachment to the land of many generations of farmers can explain what pillar has supported the constant effort of my family to bear the weight of a thirteen-year rehabilitation to make our farmhouse, half-ruined by time and the lack of means, suitable for rural tourism.

From the beginning we wanted Cortijo San Francisco to be different from other rural accommodation. Feeling indebted to the land, from which we earn our living, we set out to taking a leading role in promoting an ecologically sustainable tourism close to nature. A type of tourism where the past remains present while developing a vision for the future.

Energia limpia

Solar Panels: 100% energy from the sun

Being pioneers in this entrepreneurship, we try to instil a strong respect for the environment in our guests to make them be aware of the value of enjoying the resources that nature offers us. All this in a family environment and with a friendly atmosphere.

With the help of Ecoinnocámara (a program for innovative development projects) and the Chamber of Commerce of Córdoba, we were able to accomplish our project and build an “unplugged” 100% self-sustainable house, equipped to provide maximum comfort. Electricity is produced directly from solar energy, a nearby spring is used as water supply, the heating is generated by burning olive pits, and rainwater is collected in tanks on the roof to be used for our pool.

Francisco José González Varo, owner of Cortijo San Francisco

13 años de renovaciones hasta conseguir nuestro sueño, una casa vacacional autosostenible y tradicional

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