The olives from our fields make up the biomass for our central heating

When we decided to reform the Cortijo, we had it very clear that we wanted to turn Cortijo San Francisco into a model for a self-sufficient building and for a responsible type of tourism.

A committment to the environment is important for us because we do care about our land, our guests, our future and the next generations’.

One of the biggest challenges we faced was heating the facilities. How to combine the comfort of hot water and warm temperatures with ecological efficiency? We researched extensively and, taking the concept “Slow Food España” as a reference, we decided to use the main resource of the farm: olives.

Therefore, we obtain biomass from olive pits in our olive mill, where we also produce extra virgin olive oil. This biomass makes up a perfect and consistent fuel and agrees to our philosophy for a sustainable tourism: it is renewable, inexpensive, clean, produces low emissions and little waste, and has high calorific values. Undoubtedly, the green energy we were looking for. We also resolved the issue of where to locate the biomass boiler in the Cortijo: it was not supposed to be seen, it had to be placed in a spacious place as well as to blend in with a centenarian construction. In the end, during one of our “brainstorming” evenings we found the perfect location and started the construction of the heating system soon afterwards. In September 2015 we finished the installation and thereby ended the Cortijo reform.

It has been several months since we started running it, and we have succeeded in providing the houses with an excellennt temperature in winter. The heated pool has also worked at full capacity and our guests are very pleased with the chance of having a heated indoor swimming pool available. After 6 months of positive results our happiness is guaranteed and we just want to share our project and keep working on our responsibility towards the environment and a sustainable tourism.

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